Online Surveys

Take your tablet to site and answer questions as you go.

A perfect installation begins with a perfect survey. It’s easy to get wrong. Missing information, lost notepads, blurry photographs, and miscommunication. We’ve heard all excuses in our own business.

By using our online survey tool – The Surveyor your team can gather all relevant information, upload pictures, and make notes. Everything is securely synced to the cloud and shared live. Your office team can collaborate and prepare a proposal without waiting for you to get back with a load of scribbled notes.

Make it specific

Start your survey and installation projects on relevant foundations. Add the basics. The location, the type of project, the requirements and the client details.

Get started online

Take your tablet or ipad to site, choose the modules which are appropriate to the project then work through the process in a pro-forma structure, so every survey aligns with your internal best practice.

A picture paints…

…a bunch of words, or something like that. So why try to use words when you can upload pictures, draw sketches and make notes along the way. Everything’s securely synced to the cloud and shared live.

Question this, question that

Chat with surveyors and installers in real time. They can message, answer questions, share documents, photos, notes and comments as they work through the project. It’s all instantly shared with your main office.

Good things come…

…to those who don’t wait. Your office team can collaborate live, then prepare a proposal, without waiting for you to get back with a fist of scribbled notes and some blurry Whatsapp photos.

Caring is sharing

Give installers access to the survey in advance and on-site, so there’s no surprise trips to Screwfix. Once completed they can share photos of the finished job and upload client sign-off.



Simple and transparent pricing with no surprise fees.

£49/ month

Price includes Live Booking, Online Surveys and Project Timeline.

Includes 1 user

Extra users £25/month

See it in action

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