Live Bookings

No more back and forth with live team availability.

How much time do you spend organising surveyors and installers? A few calls here and a few emails there. A few checks with the client. Oh. No. Not that date. Right. Around we go again.

It’s like trying to book a table for ten people at a restaurant a decade ago. We now book restaurants online. Everything should be that easy. The Surveyor shows the live availability of your team online. Sync with your calendar. Set booking rules. Choose locations. Then get instant availability and make real-time bookings online. No more back and forth.

Build it and they will book

Add your surveyors and installer profiles to the system. You can then set booking availability rules to block out days and times for each team member based on their schedules within the business.

Sync or swim

Everyone has their own calendar full of non-work related things. No one likes being booked to do a survey when they’re about to jump in the pool in Tenerife. So, we’ve made it easy to sync The Surveyor with all of the most popular calendar systems – ical, Google cal, Office 365, Exchange and Outlook – in just a couple of clicks.

Near or far

You can set each surveyor and installers home location as part of their profile. Then the service area they cover and how far they’re prepared to travel to do the work. The system can then present the viable options for your project. Without you having to think about it.

Yes or no

Booking requests are emailed to your team member, with a fancy token so they can access the project, review the details, and instantly confirm, reject, or reschedule. Accepted appointments are automatically added to their calendar, with the site location and survey link. No need to chase and chase.

Good to go

Your team of surveyors and installers can confirm your booking request online, then get shown all the relevant details for the project, and the link to start the survey, so they can go and get started. You can follow progress on the timeline.


Simple and transparent pricing with no surprise fees.

£49/ month

Price includes Live Booking, Online Surveys and Project Timeline.

Includes 1 user

Extra users £25/month

See it in action

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